Songs of Unemotive Sex

songs of unemotive sex (begging validation for this shipwreck) cut the breath from my throat my chest suffocated and compressed beneath the weight of your significance and the breeze of night seeps in blue over the sky when you’ll crawl over me and we’ll suffocate again running water over glass bones with shallow intakes of […]

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(To be read Out Loud.) at once the thing about New York is that I can go out each and every single day differently it’s the Great Perhaps the Wide Unknown I’m a Ghost I’m a Writer I choose to be a Pirate today and today I am Royalty and I feel as though this […]

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Standing Ground

1/26/12 I’m going to freeze my ass off in New York. And it’s sixty degrees here in San Fransisco. The houses and buildings are awesome and characteristic. None of them are very tall, it just seems so because of all the sudden peaks, valleys, and drastic elevation changes. I’ve seen a few people standing in […]

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Anne Frank

Originally posted on bluevelvetjacket:
Today is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and its also Holocaust Memorial Day. There were countless victims of the genocide, however one of the most famous is Anne Frank. Someone once asked me ‘Who’s Anne Frank?’ which really surprised me as I thought she was a universally well…

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Dispatch -Max Bondovic

She wakes…face to face with me… Looking up…looking down… Side to side…inside out… Upside down mirrors of art… Reflecting wild poetry in our eyes… Music?…soft but in primal breath loud… Tribal drum hearts…even louder… Silent bodies hunting… Predator and prey… Opportunistic equals… Inertia before we pounce… We rip our souls open… With eyelashes and lips… […]

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