Dorian Victor Fredrick Corless

Dorian… I just watched and played this video 18 times. I took 3; 500 mg Ibuprofen, drank a ton of water and dishwater brown diluted coffee. I did dishes, drained and repaired our own garbage disposal, I fed the cat, took out the trash, did laundry, and started taking down the curtains… all while soaking my face in pure vitamin E vials, washed my hands repeatedly, Eucalyptus and Aveda Blue Oil drenching my wrist, ankles, and shoulders, and chugging water as though it were the actual essential fountain of youth.

Now, I say this sincerely because I love you. You and I are both bigger than ourselves. And there is no one on this entire dead rock we call earth who can tell either you or me that everyone… everyone… deserves this.

There are so often times I find myself just completely and entirely overwhelmed by you and your greatness. There is not a shred of sarcasm in my voice as I type this. I just write, dance, move around the planet, and found you. When I am at an utter loss for words (and that happens so rarely and uncommonly for me) it feels like THAT is when you step in and fill the gaps sparking and arching electricity between the synapses of my brain. And your genius in all it’s entirety speaks for me when I can’t. You fill it with music, lights, your absolute gorgeousness and beauty, and every sensation that seeks complicated totality and wholeness in my life. I absolutely cannot be without you ever again. You are my eternal companion. Always yours… with all my love,

Stephanie K Lynn Miller Burke



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