Like Cracking Bones Make Noise


Went to sleep after 0:00 hours. Cat wakes me meowing at door. I dreamt that Laura wanted to marry me and i shushed a brown crying baby who was too small for his age by walking down into a parking lot and showing him snow on the Superstition Mountains and Four Peaks and Red Mountain in Arizona. (my mountains). I rented an esthetician room from some of the same people who I worked with at my last one and Michael met some at The Crescent Ballroom. It was blue and grey and had Chandeliers and i spent ages walking around the new building stretching my neck and looking up at all the details and lights and dry wall textures and colors. Some girl with long read hair in the back got mad because Laura threw a penny behind a washing machine and I chased her, Laura and I fought, and I threw a fist full of change on the floor and shouted “LOOK EVERYONE… IT’S MONEY. IT’S REAL MONEY AND IT FELL FROM THE SKY.” Then I went out and smoked a cigarette looking down from above at the snow on the Arizona mountains and Laura cried and cried and cried. We were in Colorado.


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