Songs of Unemotive Sex


songs of unemotive sex

(begging validation for this shipwreck)

cut the breath from my throat

my chest suffocated and compressed

beneath the weight of your significance

and the breeze of night

seeps in blue over the sky

when you’ll crawl over me

and we’ll suffocate again

running water over glass bones

with shallow intakes of breath

clutching saliva into my flesh

while shrinking into the floor

groping for tangibility

with emptiness and waves and pangs of consciousness

hungry and insatiable; your gluttonous persistance

raped by the silhouette

of your nothingness


2 thoughts on “Songs of Unemotive Sex

  1. This is hauntingly beautiful and disturbed. I stubbled onto the site as I’m looking to put up my own (or pieces). I instantly resonate with several of the works — they are accessible but layered with profundity and starkness. Some of the pieces are attributed. The others are not. Are the anonymous? Yours?


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