Tragedy; A Mona Lisa Smile


Addicted to experience

and ready to delve into full-blooded fervor

filled with brief


whimsical notions

I am short of breath


I am a goddess who loves the muses

And life and ancient stars who laugh at our emotions

As though crafted for stage and these trivial acts of drama

I laugh back at them and their indifference

Our fortunes

are massive vats of lava

boiling and spewing and spitting fire and caution

Exhilarating and lethal

Mountains of Zeus, Vesuvius, Pelvoux

Consequence of life looking back over its shoulder at its joyous molten road

Remembering the ravenous bliss even in the eve of a thickening plot

I want to run from this room and toss myself into the grass

That sits in shades of laughing trees

With leaves that giggle and brush each other in skittish love

And pre-emptive enlightenment of expectations

My legs quiver as the outdoor wind moves through branches with week constitutions

I am elated and frayed

In historical discourses that pass throughout the days without reason

So goes the tragedy of a terrible wit

Plagued with a Mona Lisa smile


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