We Existed There in Green Bottles


Those swimming vineyards poured neatly from green colored bottles

Placed on top shelves of night cathedrals

Delicate shapes of glass hanging frozen weightless in our fevered scholastic observations

Our physical forms perpetuated by the balance of ourselves

And pinned to those walls by clumsy nail heads

We swung and staggered, suspended by wires that fixed us to our mentaility

We spat sermons beneath those barstool windows and streetlamp halos of night

And heavy laden books sat amongst us as fixtures

When we echoed their words of sacred zeal

As though those tables were our casual pulpits of love and Godless nights

While those curves of glass grew empty

And we threw our names on slips of paper as we paid our right of way

Our dimly-lit postures spread on leaflets like carefully crafted legacies

Stating we existed there


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