Out in the world in the car on the freeway and streets spinning spirals of severe ups downs, high and low dystopia. I need out of my head. My hands tingle like my arms are asleep and everything is too much. I need to get out of this place, it’s too strange. Sounds are […]

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Dorian Victor Fredrick Corless

Dorian… I just watched and played this video 18 times. I took 3; 500 mg Ibuprofen, drank a ton of water and dishwater brown diluted coffee. I did dishes, drained and repaired our own garbage disposal, I fed the cat, took out the trash, did laundry, and started taking down the curtains… all while soaking […]

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The Chase

The Chase Morgan’s hand was running along the side of a chain link fence as she walked haphazardly down the empty street. Light poles punctuated the 25 minute walk to the other side of town where she was on her way to meet her friend. The air was cool, and the ear buds sat just […]

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